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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Biden biggest Washington insider nominee ever*

Extreme Mortman wonders if any nominee for vice president has had more time in Congress than Joe Biden. I've run the numbers, and the answer is "no". Biden has spent 36 years in Congress. There is a tie for next nearest: Alben Barkley and Charles Curtis each served 34. John Nance Garner served 31.

The table below tells the story in detail. It lists every major Democratic and Republican nominee for vice president since the current party configuration was established in 1856. Years in congress data was gathered from Wikipedia, and includes time served in the house or senate until the time of nomination. Numbers may be off a year in either direction because of rounding. When in doubt, I tried to round up.

* Assuming "most time in congress" = "biggest Washington insider"

Year Democratic VP Nominee Years in Congress Republican VP Nominee Years in Congress
2008 Joe Biden 36    
2004 John Edwards 6 Dick Cheney 10
2000 Joe Lieberman 12 Dick Cheney 10
1996 Al Gore 8 Jack Kemp 18
1992 Al Gore 8 Dan Quayle 12
1988 Lloyd Bentsen 18 Dan Quayle 12
1984 Geraldine Ferraro 6 George Bush 4
1980 Walter Mondale 12 George Bush 4
1976 Walter Mondale 12 Bob Dole 16
1972 Sargent Shriver 0 Spiro Agnew 0
1968 Edmund Muskie 10 Spiro Agnew 0
1964 Hubert Humphrey 15 William Miller 14
1960 Lyndon Johnson 24 Henry Cabot Lodge 13
1956 Estes Kefaufer 18 Richard Nixon 6
1952 John Sparkman 15 Richard Nixon 6
1948 Alben Barkley 34 Earl Warren 0
1944 Harry Truman 10 John Bricker 12
1940 Henry Wallace 0 Charles McNary 23
1936 John Nance Garner 31 Frank Knox 0
1932 John Nance Garner 31 Charles Curtis 34
1928 Joseph Robinson 26 Charles Curtis 34
1924 Charles Bryan 0 Charles Dawes 0
1920 Franklin Roosevelt 0 Calvin Coolidge 0
1916 Thomas Marshall 0 Charles Fairbanks 10
1912 Thomas Marshall 0 Nicholas Butler 0
1908 John Kern 0 James Sherman 0
1904 Henry Davis 12 Charles Fairbanks 8
1900 Adlai Stevenson I 4 Theodore Roosevelt 0
1896 Arthur Sewell 0 Garret Hobart 0
1892 Adlai Stevenson I 4 Whitelaw Reid 0
1888 Allen Thurman 14 Levi Morton 2
1884 Thomas Hendricks 10 John Logan 11
1880 William English 8 Chester Arthur 0
1876 Thomas Hendricks 10 William Wheeler 8
1872 Benjamin Brown 3 Henry Wilson 18
1868 Francis Blair 4 Schyler Colfax 5
1864 George Pendelton 8 Andrew Johnson 15
1860 Herschel Johnson 1 Hannibal Hamlin 18
1856 John Breckinridge 4 William Dayton 9
Posted by Andy MacDonald at 04:30 PM

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Barack Obama Quiz

What kind of Barack Obama supporter are you?

McCain-Hating Conservative

John McCain just isn't Republican enough for you. Only God knows how he got the nomination - none of your friends supported him. Better that a terrorist-loving leftist become president and sell out the country than that RINO be in the White House for four years. But be careful what you wish for. The petard you're hoisted on could be your own.

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I'm not really McCain-hating, but then I'm not an Obama supporter, so this answer is probably the closest match!
Posted by Andy MacDonald at 09:21 PM

Saturday, July 5, 2008


What kind of environmentalist are you?

Deluded Fellow Traveler

You are very earnest and diligent in following the latest trends in environmental practice. What you don't realize is it doesn't work. What is good and bad changes each year, so how can you know your superhuman efforts are really doing anything good? If you really want to help the earth, you should plant a tree and stop being so smug.

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Posted by Andy MacDonald at 04:05 PM



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